A biography of reinhard heydrich the blond beast

DuringHeydrich established task forces Einsatzgruppen to round up Jewish people for placement into ghettos.

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He became a naval cadet at KielGermany's primary naval base. Eberstein met Heydrich at the railway station and took him to see Himmler. Assassination by Czech Patriots In SeptemberHeydrich was given control of Bohemia and Moravia-previously known as Czechoslovakia-and continued his murdering spree.

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Also, by this time, Heydrich had become a major figure in the rounding up and planned extermination of Europe's Jews. At the conference, senior Nazi officials formalised plans to deport and exterminate all Jews in German-occupied territory and those countries not yet conquered.

Lina was a member of the Nazi party and it was through her that Heydrich was ultimately introduced to Heinrich Himmler, a high-ranking officer in the party. Heydrich preferred to operate behind the scenes.

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10 Facts About Reinhard Heydrich