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Any lake would do for a study of zooplankton, any woods for a study of carrion beetles. First, there are researchers who are interested in describing evolution, but not very interested in adaptive function. In basic scientific terms, the survey measured the conditions required for prosociality behaviors and attitudes oriented toward the welfare of others and society as a whole to evolve as a social strategy in a Darwinian world—whether by genetic evolution, cultural evolution, or the expression of behaviors in phenotypically plastic individuals. Evolutionary psychology has roots in cognitive psychology and evolutionary biology. The key is to connect information across repositories, such as natural history museums and genomic databases Figure 2. First, some fields of evolutionary research try to explain phenomena that were poorly accounted for in the modern evolutionary synthesis. It is easy to habituate to misleading alarm calls Cheney and Seyfarth , and churlish to complain about peripheral ideas, which, by definition, have little influence on what most scientists do. How many decades would be required for you to discover these brain mechanisms, in the absence of information about each species in relation to its environment? Notice that one could agree with all six claims, and diagnose only a difference in research goals. These include the elaboration of more formal theories for evolutionary developmental biology e. The research generated in these applied fields in turn contribute to progress, especially thanks to work on evolution in computer science and engineering fields such as mechanical engineering.

We are developing street smarts to go along with our book smarts. The aims of the article are therefore limited in two major ways. In my case, field sites were easy to come by. Similarly, the adaptations themselves are remarkably diverse, but the list of agents and agendas is very limited.

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They form the backbone of research in cultural anthropology and sociology, but these disciplines have historically been the least inclined to adopt an evolutionary perspective and many cultural anthropologists also eschew scientific methods.

Ford established an empirical research programme. Although social support need not be spatially based, it has a very strong spatial component, as we saw when we combined our survey data with the residential locations of the students from school records as shown in Figure 1 abiding by human subject research guidelines, of course.

However, claims that evolutionary biology is misguided or importantly incomplete are not harmless, but actively hinder progress in the field.

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This is in spite of previous coursework in biology or prior research experiences. While the explosion of data on genome sequences has received the most attention, supplementing these data with information on the natural history of individuals, species, and their environments will be important. Students often view evolution as a purposeful, goal-driven process rather than the accumulation of natural events Moore et al. Eye, Brain, and Vision. Our ability to apply evolutionary concepts to a wide range of problems has never been greater. Most of the research that takes place at biological stations is not centrally planned. As a second example, the idea of sponsoring a friendly competition among neighborhoods to increase school attendance, using attendance maps similar to the prosociality map shown above that are updated monthly, met with universal approval. Richerson, P. For example, Zuzovsky had preservice science teachers answer open-response questions related to pesticide and antibiotic resistance, changes in human populations, and inheritance of traits at the beginning of an evolution course. Field studies take place at geographical locations, or field sites. Studies of practicing teachers reveal similar content knowledge issues regarding natural selection as those with preservice teachers Jimenez-Aleixandre For all of these reasons, the special criticism directed at the subfield is not surprising, but it is a pity. Changes in the availability of data and an emerging scientific culture that embraces rapid, open access to many kinds of data genomic, phenotypic, and environmental , along with a computational infrastructure that can connect these rich sources of data [19] , Figure 1 , will transform the nature and scale of problems that can be addressed by evolutionary biology.
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Evolutionary Biology for the 21st Century