A look at troy and his relationship with other characters in fences by august wilson

I wanted to know why, and I didn't, couldn't understand.

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These set pieces will provide the literal and metaphoric activity of the play: building a fence around Troy's property. However, their sons end up being like him by not reaching the dreams they envisioned.

Fences themes

Like his father, Cory loves sports, and this is his one chance to go to college. S and the U. What is he trying to keep in? However, the fathers seem to cling on the tie so tightly that the sons are unable to break it. At the end of the play, the sons find themselves amidst a rock and a hard place since their fathers seem to be having an unbreakable tie with their sons which makes it hard for them to escape a similar fate to that of their father. For one thing, like every tragic hero, Troy has a clear-cut case of hamartia. I bunted.

Wow, that's pretty highfalutin company. Troy's hurtful actions and words make it nearly impossible for him to sustain healthy relationships with not only his two sons, but also his wife and brother He grew up without Troy for much of his childhood because Troy was in prison.

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They both enjoy the company of each other every Friday on a bottle of an alcoholic beverage What should we learned from them. Are their lives to be discarded or honored.

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Even though the people around him warn him that the things he's doing may have tragic consequences, he stubbornly pursues his own course of action. The strained relationship between Lyon and his father is shown when Lyons goes to ask for money from his father during his payday. An ambitious young man who has the talent and determination to realize his dreams, Cory comes of age during the course of the play when he challenges and confronts Troy and leaves home. She symbolizes the exotic dream of Troy's to escape his real life problems and live in an illusion with no time. Troy often fails to provide the love and support that would mean the most to his loved ones. The following can be said about both men: Talented, young athletes. In Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller and Fences by August Wilson, the main characters of the plays face struggles which move the plot along, while adding anticipation and excitement. He is the father to Cory Maxisonand Lyons Maxison.
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Troy Maxson in Fences