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He has also just lost his job. It seems a shame that their acting skills were passed over during the awards season but, as they say, that is life.

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There is an equally great distinction between Falling Down and what should be considered a truly good movie. It took the top spot in United States domestic box office totals in its first two weeks of release February 26—28 and March 5—7, I wanted to be in people's faces about what was going on.

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At first everyone is all smiles, just the way he wishes everything would somehow get back to. Yes, by the time we meet him, he has gone over the edge.

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We should be more like the Robert Duvall character. Angered by their nerve, he chases them away with his baseball bat.

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I felt that the movie was a good story with a western type formula. Schumacher has very strong feelings about the mood of America today and how this mood attracted him to the project. I wanted to be in people's faces about what was going on. Just last week there were two in D. He sees a birthday celebration, for the daughter, from back when he and Beth were married. He fires a gun in anger by mistake and instead goes for the lunch option, which he is again disappointed with, as it looks nothing like its picture and ensures the staff know so. When he at last arrives at the home of his ex, D-Fens finds that Beth and their daughter have fled — he seems oblivious to the fact that his threatening phone calls would have driven them from the home. Unlike in the 60s when most creative people were expressing their feelings, outside of African-American filmmakers and rappers and street art, I didn't see much going on. In some ways I think that it's worse now than when we started making the film," he said. For both of them, it's adjust-or-die time Taking a bag full of weapons from the car, William lets the surviving gang member know exactly what he thinks of him and his life before shooting him in the leg and carrying on with his journey.
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Looking back at Joel Schumacher's Falling Down