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She fell in love with Ali during college time and later married him and moved with him to a new house. They became deceptive with each other, and with themselves. Sen decides to become a babysitter for an year-old- boy, named Eliot, as a Diasporic Consciousness: A Comparative Study of Jhumpa Lahiri and Kiran Desai words - 11 pages side travels to be a servant and the other side travels to be treated like a king. Immigrant families have been coming to the United States for decades now. Shoba tells her husband this news. This idea has damaged family connections by causing a huge gap among generations. Now she likes spending more time at work and even keeps herself busy in work at home. The collection won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction, a rare achievement for a short-story collection. It was your mother, and I figured it would be a long call.

He exchanged it for cash and got drunk in the middle of the day. By looking at their reflections of the window, he remembered how they met at first and felt shy again as the way he was before.

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As a second generation Indian American, Gogol Ganguli is expected to preserve the ideals of his traditionally Indian parents while still successfully assimilating into mainstream American culture He is an American-born Bengali struggling to define himself. Characters Nadia Nadia is a thirty-two-year-old woman who is married to Ali. Simply put, there is more to discover than just what is on the surface, beneath that is where true understanding lies. Plot Summary The story opens with Nadia, a …show more content… He decides to tell Nadia something he had vowed to himself that he would never tell her. The confessions and crimes the divulge to one another depict the real foundations of their marriage. Nadia does not know that Ali held their baby at the hospital while she slept. WIth conversation being such an anomaly, the two are both fearful though excited of what was to follow. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, Ali leaves the room and Nadia is shown with a teardrop falling from her eye. The inability between them two to address what was happening, had ultimately resulted in the loss of their marriage. Without either person being completely honest, or being able to communicate their feelings properly, the vulnerable continue onto their destructive courses, until it finally ends completely. Every author writes a story for a reason, that reason could be to teach us a moral lesson, tell their own stories or just to entertain.

Without cooperation to stabilize after a traumatic event, the lack of interaction and veracity between them creates a crack in their bond. In Cathedral there is a blind man named Robert. The confessions and crimes the divulge to one another depict the real foundations of their marriage.

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Six months earlier, Shoba went into labor prematurely when Shukumar was attending a conference out of town. Some have experiences from which they learn while other may not have had opportunities.

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A Short Essay of “A Temporary Matter”, Jhumpa Lahiri