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While some black men feel the need to defend their choice to date white women despite the fact that literally no one gives a fuck, we're now at least able to have open conversations about interracial dating. Lee is basically asking us: Can you blame them? Jungle Fever was released injust two years after Yusef Hawkins, who was black, was murdered by a mob of white teens because they believed he was dating a white girl in their Bensonhurst neighborhood.

The film is all "issue" and no story. By making the relationship one of convenience, we get the feeling that Angie is totally sexually uninterested in Flipper. Lee's urging. Not quite the classic that Spike Lee had been threatening to make for so long, but, after a return to form after Mo' Better Blues which proved a huge disappointment.

We never really believe the attraction they feel for one another, we never really understand their relationship, and their romance seems to be mostly an excuse for the other events in the movie to happen - the events that make the film special. Jacksonwho is a crackhead who has gone as far down as Flipper has gone up.

There is nothing wrong with them.

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They interweave many different things. At the very least, the Jungle Fever of today would be forced to address the ways that forbidden sexual relationships due to racial prejudices have villainously crept into our society. Then they stay together because they're pushed together. Advertisement We sense that this relationship will probably not flower; she does not really see him as someone she can take seriously, and yet Lee seems to be suggesting that at least Paulie does not suffer from jungle fever - that he simply finds himself attracted to this woman, admires her, and wants to go out with her. Lee places the emphasis on the reactions to this affair more than the affair itself, and at times the film seems to keep forgetting about Flip and Angie for long periods of time. Flipper and Angie are not meant to represent every interracial couple in the world. Popular Blog Posts. Ossie Davis, playing a retired minister who is Flipper's father, gives a speech that recalls the rape of black slaves by white masters and alludes to the case of Emmett Till, a year-old black lynched for whistling at a white woman in Mississippi. The issues at the heart of the film aren't talked about openly anymore.

Much of the film turns around these kinds of nakedly polemical scenes, shoving character and narrative into the background for scenes like the one where Drew and her friends discuss men and skin color, Lee's camera circling relentlessly around the room while the dialogue, though apparently improvised by the actresses themselves, hamfistedly delivers these ideas.

These are two people who end up fucking and dating because of an affair at the office, which is a tale as old as time. It's as if Lee himself, as a screenwriter, could see these characters only as stereotypes - could not, or would not, get inside of them.

And in 'Mo' Better Blues' it would've been a movie we've seen before -- the genius musician ruined by drugs. The college's women divided into two camps, the dark "Jigaboos" and the fair "Wannabees," who taunted each other in one scene with the epithets "pickaninny," "Barbie doll," "tar baby" and "high-yellow heifer.

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