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Montanist polemic comprised no attack upon the authority or validity of the Biblical writings Old or New Testament. While Montanism stressed the renewal of the prophetic gift and taught that the Holy Spirit was manifesting himself supernaturally through entranced prophets and prophetesses notably Montanus himself , the result of the Montanist challenge on the question of the canon has long been debated. The Internal Testimony of the Holy Spirit 37 Roman Catholic theologians have traditionally held that the authority of the canon was guaranteed by an infallible Church. The order of books follows that of the Bull of Eugenius IV Council of Florence , except that Acts was moved from a place before Apocalypse to its present position, and Hebrews put at the end of St. But this criterion does not do justice to the facts. The heretics were the first to occupy themselves with the idea of a canon of authoritative writings. He used the motto: "Was Christum treibet und prediget" 'what urges and preaches Christ'. Here we touch upon the very basis of our Christian faith and life, and it is vital that these foundations be secure. Could the work be verified in early church history? It occurs frequently after this in Origen and later writers. The works of these early Christian writers contain no formulated doctrine of Scripture or canon, and yet there is much that is suggestive of later development. In the case of the Old Testament it can be convincingly demonstrated that Jesus placed his infallible seal of approval upon the canon as we now have it Lk. To this period or a little earlier belongs the pseduo-Clementine epistle in which we find, for the first time after II Peter, iii, 16, the word Scripture applied to a New Testament book. But for the Catholic Church as a whole the content of the New Testament was definitely fixed, and the discussion closed.

The art will be to isolate "factor x" as the index mark of canonicity. Yet he himself had not 7 seen the Lord in the flesh; and therefore, as he was able to ascertain events, 8 so indeed he begins to tell the story from the birth of John.

A revision of the Luther Bible is widely used today. Thus the history of revelation for us is closed.

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A personal power is involved here, viz. The salvation that appeared in Jesus, first proclaimed by the Lord himself, was validly attested to by the apostles. While the Greek word kanon does occur in the New Testament it cannot be translated by "canon" in English.

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This is connected to the apostolic institution cf. Even so, each is unique and has much detail that is not shared by the others. It was because of their activity that the Church developed a clearer awareness of what it already had. Theodor Zahn was a staunchly conservative scholar in the Lutheran tradition and an implacable foe of theological liberalism.

Childs explains the origin of the New Testament canon along the following lines: "Canon consciousness thus arose at the inception of the Christian church and lies deep within the New Testament literature itself.

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In this document we are already very close to our New Testament. While the "closedness" of the Old Testament canon at the time of Jesus has become the subject of recent theological debate, 4 it is fair to say that the traditional position has been challenged, but not shaken. This belongs properly to New Testament Introduction which see. It was in contradistinction to these three movements that the early Church began to define its collection of authoritative writings with ever greater clarity. Ironically it was the heretics who provided Zahn with some of the most substantial evidence for his position. Indeed it is quite reasonable to suppose that its early exclusion from the East Syrian Church was an outer wave of the extreme reactionist movement of the Aloges--also of Asia Minor--who branded Apocalypse and all the Johannine writings as the work of the heretic Cerinthus. When such sacred writings are studied to find the revealed word of God, a settled delimiting of the writings—i. His two Apologies and the Dialogue with Trypho are the sources for the study of his testimony. McNeill and translated by F. Paul, forming the other half of the irreducible kernel of the complete New Testament canon. Although they attributed their apocryphal writings to various apostles, they at times portray the apostles themselves as deficient in knowledge. The announcement of redemption is inseparable from the history of redemption itself. Acts provided the central structure of an edifice which now took on the shape of the canon as we have received it. To do justice to the largeness of the question we will need to adopt a rather wide approach. In order to establish their credibility, they published works that included apostles names.
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