An overview of the setting and story of the open boat by stephen crane

Context Born in in Newark, New Jersey, Stephen Crane hailed from a line of determined men who were actively involved in pioneering the nation of the United States of America.

The men constantly question what they see, and they become confused about the location of the rescue station.

the open boat characters

Rather, each crew member is called by their professional names such as the cook, correspondent, oiler and the captain. They are not sure if they will survive and they have exchanged addresses in case any of them should die.

Although the cook expresses reservation that the nearby lifesaving station has been abandoned for more than a year, the crew heartens at approaching land, almost taking pleasure in the brotherhood that they have formed and in attending to the business of the sea.

Like the soldier who dies in alien territory, the correspondent fears that he too will perish without a connection to whatever gives him his sense of self. The correspondent for example had heard the story of soldier of the Legion, but because he has always been consumed by self, he did not feel the agony of what this soldier experienced, but now, being faced with a similar dire situation, he now understands what it means to be helpless and left with no help in sight.

The small boat, however, overturned in the surf, forcing the exhausted men to swim to shore; one of them, an oiler named Billie Higgins, died. The men in the dinghy, particularly the correspondent, try desperately to justify their survival in the struggle against the sea, but the values by which they live and the appeals they make to the heavens are inadequate.

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One of the most frequently discussed works in Crane's canon, it is notable for its use of imagery, irony, symbolism, and exploration of themes including survival, solidarity, and the conflict between man and nature. Although he understands that nature and fate do not act and think as men do, the correspondent nevertheless goads them because he believes that there is a purpose to nature, that it in some way validates his struggle for survival.

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