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We strive to create an atmosphere where all are encouraged and equipped to enter into a closer relationship with God, loving one another, and influencing the world.

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Meet Our Pastor! Contact Us Address - Eiterman Rd. While some modern scholars question whether the Apostle Peter was ever in Rome, he is certainly the most celebrated Apostle of the city.

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No Biblical passage states that this experience should end. Near that time, the angel of the Lord who delivers the same good news also visits Joachim. We also host a picnic, the Sunday of. A simple example of this is that the largest basilica in Rome and one of the largest in the world is named in honor of Saint Peter.

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Journeys and Devotions Blog This blog is written by different women who are on a journey called life; what they have learned spiritually and what God has given them to share with you. Though Paul? Apart from lingual differences, there were also political differences within both the church and the empires. We have been able to bless and aid missionary families, who are sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone across the world. The pope is also the head of the independent state of Vatican City. We also host a picnic, the Sunday of. Get Involved.
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