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Since he is not fully immortal, he travels across the world to find the solution to death mystery. However, in my opinion, Beowulf is more of an epic hero than Gilgamesh. As stated earlier, Beowulf is an Anglo Saxon piece. Although both Beowulf and Gilgamesh represent two different types of heroes, both achieve ultimate good through their actions.

Gilgamesh and beowulf foundations of a comparison

Gilgamesh fought against Humbaba. All this time Gilgamesh has to accept that Enkidu could not help him through the darkness and go on without anyone to help. Once he ascends to the throne and encounters the treasure-guarding dragon, he sets out immediately to slay it without thinking out the entire situation. During each of the characters ' journey, they face challenges such as fighting with monsters and with that they either develop a greater sense of mortality or a greater sense of identity. Beowulf is no better. In his last battle, Beowulf fights against the fire-breathing dragon and fights on until his very last breath. The world that Beowulf depicts and the heroic code of honor that defines much of the story is a relic of preā€”Anglo-Saxon culture. Gilgamesh is full of himself and abuses hisrights as king. Interpretations of Beowulf: A Critical Anthology. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. This is because Gilgamesh is a half god, therefore, he had enough power to fight. Also, the characteristics of the characters play off of the religious aspect of the story and make the biblical allusions easier to recognize.

Gilgamesh: Norton and Company, The life of man is short. He finally reached Utnapishtim, who told him the story of the flood and showed him where to find a plant that would renew youth Tablet XI. Beowulf, in order to achieve immortality through the tales of his bards, must perish in battle to accomplish this task.

The epics of Gilgamesh and Beowulf are stories of heroism and immortality gained through fame.

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Before any analysis is made, it is vital that some kind of a foundation be established so that a further, in-depth exploration of the complex nature Essay on Infamy vs. Gilgamesh also fought for fame and glory, but he had other motives too.

what elements of gilgamesh battle with humbaba are similar to beowulf

The Norton Anthology of World Literature, ed. Gilgamesh is definitely the best known of all ancient Mesopotamian heroes. Must I die too? In contrast, Beowulf and Gilgamesh had different endings to their lives.

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Compare and Contrast the Epic Hero in Beowulf And Gilgamesh