Branding as a marketing tool in sales performance

Media impact is the qualitative value of message exposure through a given medium for example for products that need to be demonstrated, messages on television may have a great impact than those on radio since television has both sound and sight.

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Advertising is one of them. A particular may emerge suddenly, enjoy rapid growth and reach a point of relative maturity and eventually move into a period of slow decline.

Purpose of branding

This will show the company what to produce so as to satisfy the needs of the users. Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas and goods, or services by an identified sponsor Kotler and Arm strong A particular may emerge suddenly, enjoy rapid growth and reach a point of relative maturity and eventually move into a period of slow decline. Nowadays competition among firms has grown stiffer as every firm seeks to achieve their objectives, to enhance performance which can be translated through achieving greater sales and profit. Frank defined advertising as the aim to persuade people to buy. Hence the inefficiency and ineffectiveness in the distribution management of the brewery industries in Nigeria prompted this research and also to investigate the factors responsible for this poor sales performance and also to proffer some workable solutions to them. That led to good relationship of the company and the community members up to date and it deals in the production of a variety of beauty products for example smearing jelly, soaps, body lotions and. This chapter will present the background to the study, problem statement, purpose of the study, objectives of the study, the research questions, the scope of the study, the significance, and operational definition of terms and finally the conceptual framework of the study. Mang, M. While the national advertisers sell their products at many locations, retail or local advertisers must give the consumer a reason to patronize their establishment. Related Papers. To access the level of sales performance in Sleeping Baby company.

Selling complex products and services, versus selling commodities has always been more difficult and sales professionals must have different skill sets stein, 2.

Market share, high market share brands usually need more advertising as a percentage of sales than do low market share brands. Modern advertising was created with the innovative techniques introduced with tobacco advertising in the yearmost significantly with the campaigns of Edward Bernays, which is often considered the founder of modern marketing Kazmi, Products are subject to life cycles.

Branding as a marketing tool in sales performance

With the advertisement we can easily enhance the loyalty of our customer. This will help them to select better advertising medium and procedures which will result into improved sales performance.

Sales in business terms are the actual sales in money values, a company receives after necessary collections are made from different sales channels of the original total production put on the market Mc Cathy et al, This is commonly used as well with products but it could be as used within a service company.

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The independent and dependent variables will focus on how effective advertising affects sales performance in manufacturing companies in terms of either informative, Informative advertising persuasive advertising Reminder advertising leading to brand awareness building brand image increasing retailers or wholesaler orders providing quality information Whereas the intervening variable will affect both independent and dependent variables.

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