Business plans for maritime manning agencies

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There were companies that performed in house and assigned to agents the same activity. Panayides, Photis M. Results show that in the case of a single nationality crew, Greeks are totally excluded and in order to find seamen, mostly an independent agent is contacted, and less a subsidiary is created.

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Size does not affect the decision to outsource, it affects however the type of outsourcing that is chosen. Danica staff are fully aware of the responsibilities and passed it successfully. Moreover, East-Europeans represent the Marine Academies often co-operate with shipping companies owners or managers , agents, and even trade unions, in order for the students to be hired. Ship operators outsource crewing activities that relate only foreign seafarers. These include illegal demands for placement fees, delayed payments, contract substitution onboard, early termination of contract, endless litigation on compensation, age-limit restrictions, blacklisting, and unnecessary retraining demands. Central bank data showed that the number of commercial banks established tie- ups, remittance centers, correspondent banks, branches and representative offices abroad amounted to 4,4 as of March from 4, 2 at the end of 2. Economies of scale cannot be achieved by small businesses, while they also lack other advantages, such as professional expertise and know-how. Goals: Safety: Absolute privileging safety measures and considerations in all strategic and operational decisions.

Section 2 introduces to the meaning of outsourcing and its application in the shipping sector, while Section 3 analyses the structure of the world seagoing labour market, along with the role that manning agencies play in the market.

Other Issues The globalization of the shipping industry has resulted in the displacement of Filipino seafarers by crew from other nations, such as China.

Business plans for maritime manning agencies

Difficulties with Contracts Despite the existence of contracts and a compulsory minimum wage, seafarers often encounter problems. The following table 7 presents in more detail the correlation of implemented manning strategy and choice of internal and external outsourcing. Also, in all cases of multinational crew, and despite the fleet size, independent agents are mostly preferred. Manning agencies offer several kinds of services to both individual sailors and shipping companies. Furthermore, they have the ability to create, operate and maintain a network with manning agents, trade unions and marine academies. They also wish to thank the anonymous referee for the helpful comments. Results are summarised in the following table 2, and show that the most common implemented policy is the combination of two nationalities, one native Greeks and one foreign. Seen from this point of view, in-house development engages both decision management and decision control and demand investments in human resources and capital.

In order to outsource intelligently a firm must assess the benefits and risks of outsourcing. Now we expanded our presence in Russia.

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