Carbon monoxide and its effects on the atmosphere

how to reduce carbon monoxide in the atmosphere

Pregnant women Carbon monoxide can cause miscarriage or damage a developing fetus. Spike monitoring pollution Where does carbon monoxide come from?

Carbon monoxide human health effects

The effects are highly complex. Air pollution in buildings can come from indoor sources and from air exchange with outdoor ambient pollution. Documented evidence shows the physical damage to trees and other plant life. The relationship between indoor and outdoor CO concentrations can be evaluated with a simple differential mass-balance model Shair and Heitner that has the following steady-state solution when we combine active ventilation and passive infiltration into a single air-exchange term: 1. This study is expected to provide scientific and technical information potentially helpful to the development of state implementation plans; however, the committee will not provide prescriptive advice on the development of specific state implementation plans for achieving CO attainment. CO is a colorless, odorless gas that can be harmful when inhaled in large amounts. Do you have furnaces, space heaters, fireplaces, wood stoves, or fuel-burning appliances in your home?

Consider installing a carbon monoxide detector in the boat. How frequently are you exposed to vehicle exhaust or gas stations? In closed areas, high levels of carbon dioxide can lead to health complaints such as headaches.

What about the natural environment?

carbon monoxide pollution effects

That leads to the question of the relationship between indoor and outdoor concentrations. These health benefits translate into economic savings associated with avoided health care and avoided work-time losses as well as intangible savings in life quality. There have been recent attempts made to reduce the amount of carbon monoxide that is released into the atmosphere by improving industrial furnace operation and encouraging reduction through restrictions.

sources of carbon monoxide

Regularly inspect and maintain vehicle exhaust systems. Studies have shown that when the concentration near roadways averages 3—4 ppm, the average concentration in the cab is typically 5 ppm Akland et al.

Carbon monoxide pollution environmental effects

This occurs close to the site of emission. If the alarm sounds, it is important to leave the home right away. For Further Reading. The presence of COHb shifts this curve to the left. First, carbon monoxide detectors can be installed to warn homeowners about harmful CO levels. Biomass burning is the burning of vegetation. When the power goes out, keep your generator outside. Consider installing a carbon monoxide detector in the boat. CO not only decreases the O2-carrying capacity of the blood, but also decreases the ability of the tissues to extract O2 from the blood during circulation. Using equipment that does not work properly can also produce extra carbon monoxide. Regularly inspect and maintain vehicle exhaust systems. Great care has been taken to represent as effectively and correctly as possible the broad range of not necessarily consistent information which is available from a variety of sources. For poisoning emergencies or questions about possible poisons, please contact your local poison control center at CO is a colorless, odorless gas that can be harmful when inhaled in large amounts. Emissions released from fossil fuel-burning energy plants combine with moisture in the air.
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Carbon monoxide