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Get Access The Internet is certainly the place for businesses to expand, reach new markets and provide new services but there must be a balanced approach to the Internet. As a result, these sites have become the target of marketing efforts by corporations, representing an important strategic resource for the business, political and social engineers.

The nail in the coffin though, is that consumers are being pushed to consume this amateur media by stiffing and ineffective Intellectual Property Protections imposed by media companies.

Electronic Commerce Electronic commerce has effectively automated most business transactions, resulting into the automatic access of product information, concluding purchases and arranging for the delivery of products online.

The Internet must be regarded as a strategic resource important to the whole business. As is the case with telemedicine, this will render it possible to avail quality education to students in remote areas, while at once facilitating collaborative research work among scholars in differing fields.

Because of this we must say that the overall impact of the internet on our social lives has also been positive. Further, it makes it possible to provide care to remote communities and allow doctors, medical researchers and specialists to easily communicate and collaborate with one another.

Users of the Web can include both employees and potential customers. Technology Is a vital tool to IS Managers to cope with this.

Social Media Social media refers numerous online practices and technologies used by individuals and groups to access and share experiences, content, insights and perspectives, Lucas Hussain, K.

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This responsibility lies largely on the IS Manager who must know what options are available to him or her before being able to cope with It. Effectively, it is possible for doctors to remotely administer care including medical surgery on patients over great distances, which allows the better utilization of the available medical resources.

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