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The customer relationship management can be measured that how much company has brand loyal customers and is it retaining its customers or not. What type of tools do managers have to help them with CRM? The system should provide information as well as, improve marketing effectiveness, increase sales productivity, and build a larger lifetime customer basis through excellent service Seliga, A CRM system helps a business relate more to a customer and implementing a functional system will not only increase profits, but our relationship with our customers will grow stronger. It offers tools that optimize customer acquisition and engagement. Toyota motor is among worlds largest multinational corporation of the world in the automobile sector. Database technologies: Concepts, methodologies, tools, and applications. CRM systems are software systems that encompass all interactions a business has with a customer Technology has also enabled organizations to develop Business to Customers mode of business.

Firstly is helps to identify the customers a firm should serve. All consumers have some behaviors and attitudes.

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In some manner, if we take a close look at its role in a business company, we can find a concrete definition that will help us answer our question However, nowadays, companies segment customers and target on specific segmentation which they want to attract. CRM is what keeps your loyal customers loyal. Background of the study and rationale of the study are discussed in the first half. Toyota is the leading seller of the automobiles in the world. The effect of this unification is that the user can read all forms of communication from each or any of the contacts from one point. It helps the organization keep close links with the customer. Therefore, by an organization using social networks to create good relations with its customers, it is likely to achieve high level of success.

Ehret With the huge costs involved in implementing CRM systems, there is a constant question of how to gauge the return on investment. It is imperative for the organisation to understand and share their internal customer knowledge and then combine it with new information about their customers in order to compete in the market and to achieve the future success Especially with the availability of technology, the customers can receive any communication from the company in good time and effectively.

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There are a number of companies that are known to have done a good job with CRM. The customer relationship management can be measured that how much company has brand loyal customers and is it retaining its customers or not.

What did you learn. It is, therefore, difficult to find a descent and formal definition that encompasses every sorts of CRM. CRM: Further information and useful links Introduction Customers are key to all businesses, regardless of size or industry.

CRM process is to collect, store, and analyze customer interaction information customer knowledgetransforming the practice of marketing research.

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