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The issues covered in each assessment are based on the relevance of the 21 CSR issues to the company context, such as industry, Csr document, and geography.

This co-creation process commits Danone to evolving its practices and models through partnerships with local experts. To improve business performance and the bottom line. I am not going into details of process of changing the classification society of the ship as this would make us divert from our topic.

EcoVadis Methodology seeks to serve both goals, with an emphasis on expanding the opportunity for value creation through improving CSR practices. ACL focuses on Agro- and Skill-based Livelihoods and Entrepreneurship, Water Management, Women Empowerment, Health and Sanitation and other related issues across the communities around its factories and areas of operations 21 locations in 11 States.

For instance, companies will implement an anti-corruption management system to prevent employees from getting into legal issues. The changes are shown in the amendment page and index page. Local team 16Having a dedicated on-ground implementing team is an essential feature. Long-term investment 17Finally, long-term investment is the condition for success of local CSR initiatives and of their most valuable outcomes.

Biography 35Sattva is a Bangalore-based advisory and consultancy which co-creates inclusive businesses that are scalable, global and sustainable.

This CSR document will have all the 15 point information filled. Over the last years, the company has managed to create over 4, such groups and leveraged over one-third of the investment in partnership with the Government.

Each change need to reflect on the CSR. Long-term engagement is thus crucial if the company is willing to achieve these objectives, by establishing a trustful relation with the community.

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Corporate Social Responsibility