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You are, too. As the program evolves, institute a more formal process for determining the training needs of workers responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining the program. Speak up.

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Get involved. Learn here about the laws that protect you, and how to take action if you think something is wrong. Ask your employer or the firm's safety representative for the right size. Know Your Rights Under federal law, you are entitled to a safe workplace.

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Encourage employee participation in safety and health. Sikhs who wear turbans can legally refuse to wear head protection on religious grounds, but Sikhs who don't wear turbans must wear head protection. Use the following as a practical guide and adapt it to your needs. Hold employees accountable Include safety and health responsibilities in job descriptions. Set safety goals and hold everyone accountable. Identify and control hazards Before you can control hazards you need to know what the hazards are. Instruct workers on concepts and techniques for controlling hazards, including the hierarchy of controls and its importance. Lifting safely and helping others to do the same. Rather, they expect their employer to provide a safe work environment and to ensure protection from job hazards. Keeping the workplace safe involves a financial investment, but the investment will pay off by ensuring the company avoids lawsuits and settlement payments. Establish a clear system for reporting hazards, injuries, illnesses and close calls. By creating a safe and healthy workplace, companies also protect themselves.

However, you can refuse to wear PPE if it puts your safety at risk, because it doesn't fit properly for example. Train workers on when and how to wear required personal protective equipment.

importance of employee safety in hrm
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Employees' health and safety responsibilities