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Training Ethical Decision Making Organizations use compliance and ethics programs to demonstrate and reinforce their commitment to ethical practices. The alleged aim of the action, which is an example of tie-in sales illegal under antitrust lawswas to drive a competing browsermaker, Netscape, out of business.

Not only should businesses strive to identify and hire people witha strong sense of personal ethics, but it is also in the interests ofprospective employees to find out as much as they can about the ethical climatein an organization.

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In this case both the governmentand the multinationals apparently failed to recognize their basic obligation toprotect the fundamental human rights of others. A fourth cause of unethical behavior has alreadybeen hinted at. Ethical decisions cannot be made solely through objective analysis or consideration of data and information, but must rely on judgment and interpretation. Others have incorporated ethical statementsinto documents that articulate the values or mission of the business. Most ethical decisions exist in a gray area where there is no clear-cut or obvious decision that can be determined solely through quantitative analysis or consideration of objective data or information. Fiduciary duty is an example that applies to some managerial roles. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission regularly monitors company's hiring practices to make sure there is no discrimination in the hiring process based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, race, religion and disability. For example, if an HR manager recommends an applicant in order to fill a quota, that decision is unethical, because it will eliminate other applicants that may be more qualified. A decisionis acceptable on ethical grounds if a businessperson can answer yes to each ofthese questions: Does my decision fall within the accepted values or standardsthat typically apply in the organizational environment as articulated in acode of ethics or some other corporate statement? Althoughsuch action may be legal, is it ethical? Historical discrimination on the basis of race, ethnic origin, gender or sexual orientation has made many individuals sensitive to these problems. For example, the now-bankruptenergy trading firm Enron hid significant debt from shareholders in off—balancesheet partnerships. Fraud may also be perpetrated by employees and by managers themselves.

Guiding conduct: Public signage often contains messages guiding conduct. Leaders help to establish the cultureof an organization, and they set an examplethat others follow.

Moral theorists argue that fundamental human rightsform the basis for the moral compass managersshould navigate by when making decisions that have an ethical component.

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As issues arise, the HR manager must be adept at resolving conflicts between the demands of company culture and those of ethical behavior. Build an organizational culture that places ahigh value on ethical behavior.

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Key Terms ethics: The study of principles relating to right and wrong conduct. Thus it is important toreview this approach.

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Subcontractors may have been chosen on the basisof business variables such as cost, delivery, and product quality, and the keymanagers simply failed to ask how the subcontractors treated their workers. Provision has been made for employees to be able toreport in confidence, and no employee will suffer as a consequence, of doingso. A just distribution is one that isconsidered fair and equitable. Utilitarian Theutilitarian approach to business ethics was developed in the 18th and19thcenturies. Build an organizational culture that places ahigh value on ethical behavior. Summary Allof the steps discussed here can help ensure that when managers make businessdecisions, they are fully cognizant of the ethical implications and do notviolate basic ethical precepts. This field examines ways that large corporations are responsible to their communities and to the environment in ways that don't fall within the dictates of a free-market profit system. For example, from a consequentialist standpoint, a morally right action is one that produces a good outcome, or consequence. Privacy Privacy is always a delicate matter for an HR manager. Managers and leaders need to be aware of their own ethical and moral beliefs so they can draw on them when they face difficult decisions. Decision-Making Processes Inaddition to establishing the right kind of ethical culture in an organization,businesspeople must be able to think through the ethical implications ofdecisions in a systematic way.
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