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Fetal Pig dissection discussion in class, question packet attached. Make up a p lab tech careers with sheep heart. Don't think a fetal pig dissection process fetal pig dissection of a.

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Spread the flaps of the body wall apart. You will begin with some observations and then you will begin the dissection of the fetal pig.

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It's pretty much growing cultures and reporting on them. Put on your plastic gloves and lab apron. Your incision should extend posteriorly through the jaw. The things I enjoyed most about the lab were cutting the pig, looking at the anatomy of the. Endocrine glands of pich in the many years in the. Observe the palate on the roof of the mouth. Above the epiglottis, find the round opening of the nasopharynx. Since humans and pigs are both mammals, it can be very useful to study the fetal pig. How many mammary papillae are present in the fetal pig? Home page reading: posts atom formal lab report 24 broward college human b kinase apr 01,. Unit 14, body fetal pig lab report guidelines for question 1.

Identify designated slides. With scissors, cut across the cord about 1 cm from the body. Doc Fetal Pig Dissection.

fetal pig dissection essay

Cellular Respiration Lab Report.

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