Gender bias in the religion essay

The Hindu religious practices promote discrimination of females due to the culture of payment of dowry, which makes female children to be viewed as a burden to the family.

During the Patristic age, only men were allowed to take the religious teachings offices and sacramental ministry.

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Reform Judaism now promotes equality of women and men, encouraging women to participate in religious rituals earlier reserved for men.

The Muslim society however is seen to establish a distinction between men and women. Modern Judaism has now allowed active participation of women in reading the Torah, serving as a cantor, and being part of the Minyan.

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Islamic law has also undermined the involvement of women in leadership and it promotes gender —biased inheritance rules which are considered to oppress women. A hundred years ago, or even a lot less, these different perspectives did not exist, as they were often considered unimportant, as King noted 'until recently little attention has been paid to gender differences and their impact on religious teaching and practice. A woman who was created from man is meant to be a companion and a helper to a man, a belief that has made man to be viewed as superior to a woman. In addition, Jesus preached against injustice on women and showed compassion towards them. Jewish women were expected to participate in religious rituals. Reform Judaism now promotes equality of women and men, encouraging women to participate in religious rituals earlier reserved for men. Women can only work as nuns but cannot be elevated to the positions of priests, bishops or pope in religious hierarchy Roman Catholic. And Buddha is the one who achieved the highest enlightenment. In traditional Orthodox Judaism, women are not allowed to serve as witnesses in a rabbinical court. However, the issue of culture. Women are not allowed to become religious leaders in Judaism. Also, the idea that there is. Parents from day one address their child based on their physical characteristics of either a male or female. Of course I use Christianity as the example due to it being the predominant religion in the United States during recent history. For example, in Afghanistan women have in the past been denied access to education and job opportunities.

References Eliot, C. Apart from the above arguments that support gender bias against women in Hinduism, the religion supports the participation of women in religious rituals.

In this paper, the question of whether religion bias exists in the religion will focus on some of the most popular religions in the world; Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism.

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Gender Bias in the Religion Essay Example