How to write a great testimonial examples

If you cannot find any happy clients willing to let you put their name on your website, anonymize the testimonial by using initials and the industry. What are the elements of those testimonials that made them so powerful and compelling?

Know someone who needs these tips? Rather, Squarespace uses this page to share a host of real website examples from some of the most glamorous brands that use their site builder, showing proof of concept and providing design inspiration.

Keep Your Testimonial Short The average person has an attention span of about eight seconds which is one second shorter than a goldfishso when writing a testimonial, you need to keep it short.

To build a really compelling website, use both. The easiest way to structure such a testimonial is to write a 3-act business story.

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Objections may be everything from the cost to trust to quality to timing, and for every objection, you should aim to have testimonials that put these concerns to rest. But I hate selling my services. Clear and simple is the way to go with your testimonials. Is there anything I can do for you? Specificity works in all areas of copywriting, but is especially effective in a testimonial. Remember, numbers will always have a stronger impact than adjectives do. What a creative way to crowdsource more customer testimonials! By showcasing your existing customers, you can persuade potential customers to buy your products.

Click To Tweet What should testimonials include? They build trust by acting as a third-party endorsement, triggering the conformity bias, also known as the bandwagon effect. If this makes you even a little bit uncomfortable, no worries at all.

how to write a testimonial for a coach

Interviews Interviews are especially effective because they help to get more details from the customer about their experience, painting a vivid picture in the minds of your prospects.

The first approach is faster. Make the most of your testimonials by writing content that connects with your potential customers and makes them want to buy from you.

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9 Customer Testimonial Examples You Can Steal (With Pictures)