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You have a total of three hours to complete the examination, including the writing assignment. While the exams are both English and Math-based, the format is different, and so are the question types.

Kweller Prep is a tool and we provide infrastructure throughout our challenging program. The information here is simply a guide for parents and families interested in the Kweller Prep Program. Call Kweller Prep!

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The exam is done! It will remain with the proctor for the duration of the test.

I whizzed past the entrance gate, almost twice my height, still not stopping to catch my breath. Should you move from a specific to a general description of the subject? Each section is not timed. Q When do I get my test results? You can learn about the Guide here. You have one entry point for Hunter 7th grade but two entry points for Stuyvesant 9th and 10th grade. My hands came into contact with the icy metal as I climbed to the top of the monkey bars, preparing myself for the challenge before me. Everyone in the room C D listened for Pierres explanation. Our snow was clean. What was so important that you had to talk for so long?

Once I am in the right state of mind, I reflect on all of the recent experiences I've had. Although he was not expected to arrive until March when Pierre arrived in February, his A B C new school quickly put together a party to welcome him.

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This is my routine every morning. You may choose to do the exam in any order you wish, but we strongly recommend that you follow the order that we have designed.

Calculators are not permitted.

When you are instructed to do so, you will turn to page 1 inside the booklet and look at this section of the test. No error D E 2. The last great benefit of the early morning is experiencing everyone and everything start its day. You may not remove any page from this booklet or take papers from the test room. Choose the best answer for each question. With that in mind, Kweller students are expected to allocate hours per week starting September to review and practice Kweller packets. Remember the 4-digit code; you will need to record it on your test booklet cover and written composition as the Admission ID number.
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Hunter High School Admissions Exam