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Atlanta, Scholars Press, On this view, texts become privileged vehicles of memory. Aune, pp. He aspires that his classifications would lead to further clarifications on the plurality of intertextual use. Pfister, Manfred. In the case of the fan fiction paratexts, the primary text of Sherlock to some extent became secondary as fan fiction writers created their contributions in relation to other fan fictions not only taking Sherlock as their point of departure. If the first text does not provide an explanation, coherence cannot be restored and processing will not be facilitated. Documentaries permeate fiction as hand-held cameras with their ability to distort perspective give us the impression of a sort of reality. Paris: Points Seuil, The Consistent condition consisted of only one text. Others respond that a genetic fallacy is committed by those who insist that intertextuality must always be done within the confines of poststructuralism. Second, there is the less strange, but equally confusing history of reception in Russia and the West following an unstable rhythm of publication: What is the real chronology of the works, and which can we rely on? And Braun A.

The number of studies on the subject continues to escalate, among the reasons include its interdisciplinary emphasis and its postmodern character cf. However, often comprehension of a text requires comprehension of specific content in another text, especially when learning about complex topics.

Hays, Christopher B. Michael Holquist. Formal'nyj metod v literaturovedenie.

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They have to be integrated into well-known circumstances Historical intertextures reference events at precise times and locations. They have characters from Sherlock interact with characters from other works of fiction in so-called crossovers. Using the contradiction paradigm, it has been demonstrated that information is processed more slowly when it is preceded by inconsistent information than when it is preceded by consistent information. The contemporary development of the musical in theaters all over the world is illuminating in this regard. Starting at the level of textual analysis, we wish to show how aspects of the series spur parts of the audience to engage actively with the series outside the medium of traditional broadcast flow television. Mikhail Bakhtin: Creation of a Prosaics. For example, it has been demonstrated that it takes less time to resolve an anaphor that shares several characteristics with an antecedent than an anaphor that shares only a few characteristics with an antecedent e. Bakhtin and the Visual Arts. The neighboring verses in the context of the latter convey Job as a figurative prisoner suffering for the sake of righteousness. Examining the Sherlock-stories on fanfiction. Adam, ed. Holquist relates "dialogism" as he calls it to the fundamental epistemological aim embedded in Bakhtin's theses: "In dialogism, the very capacity to have consciousness is based on otherness" Holquist The texts described 30 topics in expository text format. Finally, the concept of the carnival helps to identify and explain the special kind of reverse intertextuality that is particularly salient in the context of popular television genres.

Arguably radio, television, and computers used as multimedia are the most 'talkative', and in some ways most intertextual media ever invented. Of course, it could be claimed that Bahktin's theory constitutes a whole and should be treated accordingly.

The powerlessness of the books, moreover, indirectly highlights Faustus' growing weaknesses. It is also clear that it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to talk about favouring one version or another.

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This difference diminishes as Lotman's scope widens and his aspiration becomes that of developing a cultural, semiotic theory. The imported texts are considered better off in their new surroundings than where they came from.

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More than this, interpreters have taken up the mantel by employing the method on other portions of biblical texts including the Synoptic Gospels e. It was interwoven into the titles of its most popular programs, e. If participants demonstrated comprehension of the task during the practice trial, they were instructed to continue through the remainder of the experiment individually and feedback was no longer provided. In Bakhtin's theory of carnival, the dialogic principle has been extended to incorporate the opposition between power and people, as well as the various ways in which these relations shift during rites of ambivalence, degradation, negation and, most importantly, by way of the laughter which follows as a result of these mechanisms. In the case of SherlockLives, an interactive version of the launch trailer for series 3 of Sherlock enabled active viewers to gain access to exclusive content and knowledge about the forthcoming series. Like students of poetry, they scrutinised every detail of the series in order to understand what happened. Paris: Le Seuil, ]. Even when the distance in reading contexts is small, a perceptual or semantic boundary may be sufficient to elicit distinct reading processes that hinder intertextual integration. All participants were female except one, and all were fluent Dutch speakers. Mittell for further examples. It is all over in less than 10 seconds. A third issue, which is closely related to the various solutions proposed to the first two problems, is the ongoing strife among Bakhtin researchers.

Rothstein, David.

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Speed Detection, intertextuality and audiences in Sherlock