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At the time, the United States was experiencing many economic problems and was very close to a collapse. This is true because government spending is often economically destructive, regardless of how it is financed. While the economy may undergo periods of less than natural levels of employment or not yet reach its potential output, it will, in the long run do so.

There are many causes of the steady growth in U. Finally, Keynes drops the assumption of a contract money-wage rate and applies the theory of effective demand that he had developed to an analysis of the effect of decline in this rate. Finally, there was the European depression of the s, the worst since the depression of the s.

While campaigning, Trump assured that he would cut taxes and increase government spending by rebuilding infrastructure and potentially increasing military spending The vertical aggregate supply curve means that the equilibrium level of output income is a product only of the determinants of aggregate supply and that the economy operates at full employment most of the time.

It is not easy to separate cost-push inflation from general demand inflation. The author of this idea, John Maynard Keynes, believed the economy was fundamentally unable to sustain itself at full employment.

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Economists differ about this and occasionally change sides. The Keynesian framework provides a mechanism for testing the conditions under which purely monetary policy might be effective.

From toKeynes was called to the UK Treasury to aid with the financing of the British war economy.

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Keynesian school of economics attributed to John Maynard Keynes, who wrote The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money, preaches more government interaction to rough around the edges of capitalism

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Keynesian Economics