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Four events: a. Click here for location.

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Some NPR stations schedule it at other times. Freelancing doesn't suit everyone. The session will include a special guest appearance by a member of the Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists.


Both teams were unable to travel to the Ig Nobel Ceremony at Harvard. Click here to see a map. Tickets include post-performance reception with Cabaret scientists. September 30, , Thursday, pm. Click here for details of where, when, and who. Speeches will be kept to promptitude thanks to Miss Sweetie Poo. The briefing is open only to newsroom registrants; it will happen at pm, in the news briefing room. To the extent that I can post links to advice on how to make that work, I will do so.

If the venue accepts advertising, find out what they get paid per advertising page, and that's sometimes, though not always, a clue as to how well they pay their writers. The opera performance is made possible by a generous grant from the Illinois Science Council.

There is a learning curve, but there are places to learn and books to learn from. Resume writer? Woudestein Campus, Zaal B-3, Burg. Click here for general infoand here for a map.

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O'Neill , William L. The opera performance is made possible by a generous grant from the Illinois Science Council. Free, open to the public. I was particularly willing to take low fees for food writing and restaurant reviews when I was a young mother; later it felt more like a lightly subsidized hobby. Annual special Improbable Research session. Click here for a map. Expectations vary by market Except for celebrity chefs, fees for food writing are typically very low, because food writers are often writing on the side, out of a love for cooking or eating. June 7, , Saturday, pm. See UK Tour page for details. Annual commemoration of the day the famous mallard duck crashed into the glass wall of the Natural History Museum Rotterdam, precipitating the denouement of what became the first scientifically documented case of homosexual necrophilia in the mallard duck. In , the incident was also commemorated with the awarding of the Ig Nobel Biology Prize.

June 7,Saturday, pm. And increasingly, in the memoir market, I subcontract to video people.

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See UK Tour page for details.

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