Obstacles faced by tourism in south africa towards the economic devellopment of south africa

current issues in south africa 2018

Because market and economic conditions are subject to rapid change, comments, opinions and analyses are rendered as of the date of the posting and may change without notice.

However, a number of obstacles must be overcome in order to effectively develop the industry in South Africa. This poses a major problem as there are serious dangers associated with adventure tourism.

four challenges that the south african economy faces

The challenge now is to continue to pursue the economic and political conditions that will spread the wealth throughout the population and provide an example for the rest of Africa and the world.

On my visit to Cape Town, crowded shopping centers were an indication that tourism was alive and well. Land Reform Land reform has been a crucial topic since the end of apartheid.

However, there are many areas that still need to be addressed.

Problems in south africa 2018

Under the changes, all persons aged 18 or under entering or leaving South Africa must produce their full birth certificate in addition to a passport and, if required, a visa. According to the latest statistics released by the South African Police Service together with Statistics South Africa, overall crime rates had slightly dipped from March to April , but the murder rate had increased significantly. This high rate of financial crimes acts as an unfortunate deterrent to investment. Some of the families lived in wood and corrugated steel shacks with no running water or inside toilets. Fears of job losses have caused opposition to this approach. In other sectors, McKay b developed a profile of white water tourism along the Ash River and found that it is an attractive and successful tourism industry which contributes to the local economy of the region. Within the second-largest economy in Africa, a plethora of opportunities may exist, but they are impaired by gruelling challenges: the legacy of a painful past hinders hopes for the present, while progressive regulations are impeded by inefficient implementation. White water adventure tourism on the Ash River , South Africa. Further exacerbating the problem is the enduring legacy of apartheid. Current Issues in Tourism, 5 6 , — Privatization is one solution to addressing corruption and inefficiencies in the parastatals, which would result in greater transparency and adherence to profit targets. South African tourism officials will need to redouble their efforts at promoting their country in the face of red tape if the industry is to achieve anything like its full potential. The implementation of regulations, the predictability of the policy environment and process efficiency have all been affected, as evidenced in October, when the World Economic Forum revealed that South Africa had slipped five places since in its annual Global Competitiveness Report. If, and when, it does happen, it will again be an impediment to the efficient operation of the SoE in question and, indeed, to the economy in general. This includes many illegal immigrants.

Nevertheless, black empowerment is a key government initiative. An unwavering feeling of angst comes from multiple sources — violent crime, property crime, gender-based crime and all the many variances in between. Oxford: Elsevier.

Challenges to management within the south african region

Compounding the issues above are the prevalence of red tape, political interference in the form of ill-conceived policies and the drain on the economy from poorly-performing State-Owned Enterprises. A damning report by Professor John Volmink published in May brought systemic and widespread corruption in the education system as a result of the SADTU to the surface. The currency hit a then-record low of R A new hope South Africa has a long way to go, with numerous obstacles to overcome. Competition for jobs means tension and violence between the refugees and local communities—along with poverty and crime. Hundreds of tin and scrap-wood shacks lie in the shadow of multimillion-dollar mansions with incredible ocean views. The court said Parliament had to fix the Land Restitution Bill first before it could start allowing new land claims. Without an educated population, a country cannot progress not only in terms of economic development but also because of political development. The SARB has a target of keeping inflation to a range within three per cent and six per cent, but it continues to creep upwards. Unfortunately, the government has not been able to supply enough classroom spaces for those of school age and many existing government facilities in low-income areas offer poor-quality education. And then, in May , came Jacob Zuma, a president who commanded the country with disgraceful illegality.

Investments in foreign securities involve special risks including currency fluctuations, economic instability and political developments. Adventure Tourism: A New Frontier.

The material is not intended as a complete analysis of every material fact regarding any country, region, market, industry, investment or strategy. Corruption Watch, a non-government organization, said that between and it received more than 1, reports of school principals who had stolen cash from school bank accounts.

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South Africa has a lot to celebrate. Another noteworthy challenge facing South African adventure tourism is a lack of adequate and organ- ised marketing strategies, partially due to the fact that most adventure tourism operations are relatively small and run by enthusiasts with little business experience. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Also in the case of dive tourism in Sodwana Bay, Lucrezi, Saayman, and van der Merwe assessed the perceptions of environmental impacts and management implications of dive tourism. Economic growth can help to combat inequality in South Africa, but the country is somewhat trapped in this respect Over the years, various studies have alluded to this link. Given the dual nature of the South African economy, that growth will be likely to continue, even if it occurs more rapidly at some times than others. Adventure Tourism Management. Cape Town has been growing at a good pace because of the booming flow of tourists attracted to its famous beaches and attractions. White water adventure tourism on the Ash River , South Africa. Next, an overview of existing research is given, much of which has focused on specific adventure activities and destinations in South Africa.
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The problems are mounting for South Africa’s ailing economy