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Moreover, nowadays the importance of KM is clear to many organizations and the leaders search for the main reasons and factors for being successful in KM system design and implementation through their organizations.

As example we look at McDonald, the customers are all classes, but largely working and middle classes and people of all ages.

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Organizational performance: The focus on organizational performance to sustain competitive advantage is necessary for any organization. Therefore the key organizational factors selected for this study, based on the literature analysis are: organizational leadership, culture, structure, people and IT.

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Contemporary Middle Eastern Issues, 2: It also bring the value, quality,convenience and quick service that were make us feel like getting break in a hectic day. These findings show that there are no same levels of the impact of organizational factors on KM processes. However a differentiation focused strategy may be able to pass higher cost on to customer. It is very important that an organization considers its environment before beginning the marketing process. Adius Amigos. In these processes, knowledge has been an essential resource of the government and assumes special importance in the every step of the process business of government.

These findings show that there are no same levels of the impact of organizational factors on KM processes. It also made a best purchase as store pool its requirements; the volume of purchase goes up.

Al-ikhsan can be in best position in business if they win the price sensitive buyer and set the floor on market price but can still earn a profit. Others service that they provided for their customer is in choosing appropriate product.

Their concept as customer always right and provide value added service like assistance in purchasing.

visi misi dan objektif al ikhsan

The interesting thing about JJB is about their employment which is freely chosen, there is no forced, bonded or involuntary prison labour.

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Relationships among Critical Success Factors of Knowledge Management and Organizational Performance