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You agree to receive occasional updates and special offers for The New York Times's products and services. Along with her young maid, Edna Sibilski, the middle-aged Lillian Galvin was shot to death in in her upscale Evanston home in what was made to look like a burglary-gone-bad.

Thank you for subscribing. The Motorola Droid line of smartphones is considered to be one of the most popular Android smartphone out there. But, by the end of his sophomore year, he concluded that he was not getting enough out of the school effort to continue.

Returning to civilian life inPaul Galvin began his search for a business in which he could achieve success. Galvin was the force behind a company that forged trends in radio, television and integrated circuits for computers and other products; sent communication devices to Mars aboard Viking probes and to the Moon on manned rockets; and produced smaller, ever-more-efficient cellphones that, for better or worse, have put much of the talkative world in constant touch.

Every entrepreneur has to be stubborn and so was Paul Galvin. With her death, inheritance taxes forced the family to take the company public in with the sale of 40, shares.

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As Galvin himself used to say, "Do not fear mistakes. The way in which Galvin achieved his dream stands as an inspiration for the generations that follow.

Paul gavin motorola

But then, a defect was discovered in the product, customers began to be lost to rivals, and before the problem could be solved, the company's creditors struck, taking possession of the company property.

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Robert W. Galvin, Who Led Motorola Into the Modern Age, Dies at 89