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Continue Reading. The last paragraph could have been taken straight from a landing page. Keep everything factual.

In school, this can lead to bad marks. Press releases must be written exceptionally well so that they could actually be an editorial story. Example: During the program, information was sent to three communities resulting in responses from people.

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However, most fact sheets should contain the following content: Headline List of supporting facts Call to action What would you like the audience to do after reading the fact sheet, and how can they do it? Don't cite statistics from studies that took place years ago when there's a more current one available.

A press release is always objective and only offers the facts If you can remember these points and learn from other press release examples then you might well be able to write a useful, informative press release that gets noticed.

You need to think about the information that the reader will want. Here you go! A good structure to follow is journalism's inverted pyramid, which orders information from most important to least important.

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Client sends the PR to an online press release distributer 4. The first fact should often speak to the significance of the topic that the fact sheet is addressing.

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