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Write a quick plan to clarify your thoughts and to get your structure right.

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Written Exercise Sample Questions Here are some written exercise examples you may come across during the interview process: Summarise the facts of a case file, listing its strengths and weaknesses, and making it half its current length. Group exercises Usually involving 8 to 10 candidates, group exercises are often used in assessment centres or when organisations have multiple vacancies. The recruiter will usually provide an industry or workplace-related problem that requires a solution. Usually, they will be timed at no more than 40—60 minutes. Usually, applicants are given forty to sixty minutes to complete the exercise depending on subject matter. Even if a graduate or job-seeker does not need to take a specific writing exercise, it is wise to prepare for one anyway since it may aid individuals in completing in-tray exercises and case studies as well. Assessors will look for the ability to connect and smooth things over even in a negative situation.

Letter writing generally has more formal conventions than email, so make sure you familiarise yourself with the correct way to begin and end one. Whichever assessment centre you're going to, be prepared for a written exercise.

Anticipate the type of case study you could receive by researching the organisation and sector. Press Release.

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You may be asked to draft a mock email to a client. Keep an eye on the time — Don't focus too much on writing an excellent introduction and opening argument, and then run out of time without finishing the assignment. Tips for Success Don't panic — Exam scenarios can often cause people to feel unnecessarily anxious which, in turn, can lead to underperforming.

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If you think it is likely that you will need to write a press release or news piece, research how to write them beforehand. Remember to behave yourself though, as you're being assessed - despite social events not being an obvious interview test. Interview presentations usually last 10 to 20 minutes, and are prepared in advance using Microsoft PowerPoint or similar software. You will be given all the information regarding the actual product, the cost and quality of the item, as well as what a customer should expect from it. The exercises could be given in a drafting letters and reports style or as a part of the larger in-tray exercises often included in the assessment center exercises. Role play - candidates are provided with a particular role, background information and a brief. Some written exercises require the candidate to summarise and rewrite a large chunk of text into something more succinct. They also test your comprehension skills. Check your work — Try to save some time at the end to go over and check your work for any spelling or grammatical mistakes, or errors in syntax. Remember also that letters are usually longer than emails. Find out what to expect. Marketing or PR firms could ask you to write a press release, so it's worth researching the format beforehand. You normally have about 40 minutes to complete this part of the exercise, and it is important you use your time well. Practice and preparation for a written exercise should focus more on being able to communicate a strong message in a logical and clear way than it should on any specific subject matter or format.

It is likely you will be shown to a meeting room to work quietly on the task. Final Thoughts Written exercises give candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their talents and abilities beyond the scope of their CV and interview performance.

It may take a few minutes to create, but it is completely worthwhile as once you have a plan you can work straight off it, thus enabling a clear, structured answer.

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