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And it's it's heartbreaking but it's also just it makes us look a family a new and makes us wonder kind of how to how do we define family now kind of the flip side or the other extreme of masters would be your discoveries one which is people filmmakers and films that people might not be familiar with in any way.

But means stopping you from taking.

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And the first half of the film is in 2D and at one point in the movie you are triggered to put on your 3-D glasses which will provide for us for the audience and the movie takes off from there with some of the most stunning camera work I've ever seen in any movie. But it all gets imagined through kind of action lunacy. And it seems absolutely ludicrous and a lot of it is except he realized this this is the film it's very very serious about our adolescence going through in high school. Blessing you guys, a life of peace and happiness. And I totally get it if people go and watch two hours of it they're going to get something very very valuable. They feel like this is for us. Mike Wang is the Feng Shui master and the spiritual teacher I was fighting a custody battle with my ex-wife. Why would you kick him out of the house because it's mean he's violent and he scares everybody. That's kind of disappeared. So dead souls. You can reach him on Twitter. Both managers have declined to comment on Wang's love declaration. And what Raymond shouted was he created a format and a familiarity with that famed Golden parvus logo that got the entire world buzzing about these films and that really stole the thunder away from Star brothers and revolutionized not just Hong Kong cinema but with Hong Kong cinema means internationally as a part of world cinema. Slash is going to make the protest like the third or fourth festival in the world to play this since it was it was on earth and first presented just a few months ago. And I do believe it will please the crowd just the very very potentially very small crowd and maybe not the kind of pleasure we normally get.

He's since gone on to becoming an award winning filmmaker and we're honored that he thought of us to play his new set of films called the bread factory which is an ode to community theater.

So our closing IFILM Rahman shop is about regular working class people in Singapore but also there are connections with places like Japan that Indonesian Western I'd mentioned Buffalo boys is actually attracted by Singaporean directors actually.

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I always think about my cooking and your bucket and food is what does it for the characters. If you don't live in San Diego I know you might be thinking why should you listen to a podcast that's going to tempt you with offerings that you won't be able to see. And this is really the only way for this movie to be seen and his 2D films pretty much leapt off the screen as well I have to say. So it's really a way to spot her. The talented actress is married to Wang Feng, a Chinese rock musician. I don't know. You never know if this is going to be their first and last movie because they're just not a huge market for films like this even though well we are here with our film festivals that this should be part of anybody's diet of film consumption. The surface area of Singapore and the imports workers from all over South-East Asia to work on the land that they are building using soil from other places in South-East Asia. Yeah they choose to pretend it happened and now actually let people to know that something like that happened but they don't know the specifics of it. I mean sadly I would say Hong Kong cinema is going in a different direction. I mean he's ready he's on the cusp. Instructed by one of Singapore's great contemporary directors and he was commissioned by a Japanese institution to say hey let's make a film about Singaporean and Japanese friendship.

And yes every film in this week we cherish because we know how hard it is for an Asian American director to have that opportunity let alone to make something that we think is well worth watching by just anybody that we want to help build their careers to want to tell them you have an audience and we go out of our way to find audience for them.

And now that he has a little bit of a bigger budget now that he's kind of understood to be a master like was he going to do when he could make a samurai film and we were a film called Killing which is like that and these structures were their careers are a lot of fun to track and we like to see ways in which there are consistent themes and styles that that we have come to appreciate but also like where they're going to take their careers.

Raymond Chow died earlier this month at the age of Yeah I mean Jackie Chan is one that really was a very much a golden harvest person from the beginning.

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I'm I'm very very proud of this one. I think it's perfect.

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