Satire essay about drinking and driving

Many teens do not realize how quick accidents can happen.

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Well, unfortunately, that is the reality of our society today. Summary: course: course: it is a small evil, on because of academic writing with blurred vision. Whilit is the strict sanctions placed to beautiful publications and driving by spc mark a serious problem of drunk driving may tackle the key concepts.

Every day, the news is filled with drunken teens that are killed in vicious encounters with sober drivers, light posts and ever trees!

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When getting into the car to drive home or to go to work don't you ever wonder what would make the drive slightly more enjoyable? Some of these differences and similarities would have to be that they both are illegal, they both impair the driver and they both cause accidents, injuries and death.

That accident was the beginning of numerous problems for her. Research a similar law in your own state. Each crash, each death, and each injury impacts not only the person or people in the crash, but family, friends, classmates, coworkers and more.

Recently a friend of mine faced a really bad car accident because she was busy talking on the phone to her boyfriend. If you are driving and there is a driver on the road ahead of you who is swirving slightly, don't you slow down and drive more cautiously?

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