Saxonville sausage marketing case essay

All of these participates were woman because it was identified that woman were the primary food purchasers and meal preparers. I had a smoked shrimp and goat cheese empanada and a size order of chorizo sausage. The company has recently released their branding company and needs Banks to increase awareness in the new product.

saxonville sausage company research methodology

Banks also knew that she would need to convince senior management that her research was valid by using numbers. To succeed, the brand should link its product to the core values of their target consumers, so customers will feel good about using that brand.

This product is on a slow gain and awareness among consumers. Yet, I think Banks missed out on some other markets. The research methodology is qualitative and inductive. In the case of Italian sausage a stereotype that the Italian foods are associated with family might influence peoples opinions positively towards the Italian brand.

To eliminate this stereotype psychological priming might be considered to neutralize people preconceived notions of Italian foods. There is non much push. It is unclear how much demographic and cultural differences affect the results of the analysis. Although quantitative cost-benefit analysis data is not available to weigh these two options, for the Company to act quickly on the growth opportunities in the Italian sausage category, we recommend the latter.

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Saxonville Sausage Marketing Case Essay Example