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They give themselves credit. Traditionally, psychological problems come from the inner part of the clients. Bem agrees that the experiments are not conclusive representations of the theory. Carroll Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.

People with good self-image are present and in the moment. Second self-perception theory claims that people can use their own behavior to infer self-knowledge when the internal cues of prior beliefs are ambiguous or weak, whereas cognitive dissonance theory assumes that people adjust self-knowledge only when the internal cues of prior beliefs are clear and conflict with their freely chosen behavior.

Those with weak prior attitudes, however, were affected.

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Participants reported feeling more angry when frowning and happier when smiling. Because of this if the self is well defined, it can provide a solid basis of values, preferences, and attitudes to manage the many decisions of daily life. As self-perception theory would predict, the psychologists found Self perception those who were holding the pen in between their teeth facilitating a smile reported higher levels of humor based on the cartoons than did the participants who were holding the pen between their lips.

So, you smile instead and—in effect—pretend to be happy. Application in marketing and persuasion The foot in the door technique that is used by marketers is one application of the theory.

Self-perception theory explains the creation of new self-knowledge following behavior that does not conflict with clear initial self-views whereas cognitive dissonance explains change in existing self-knowledge following freely chosen behavior that does conflict with clear initial self-views.

It was found that they performed better in the simple task and worse in the difficult task, compared to those who had just written an essay corresponding to their true attitude. Experiments showed that males with heterosocial anxiety perceived less anxiety with females after several sessions of therapy in which they engaged in a minute, purposefully biased dyadic social interactions with a separate females.

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Self Perception: 10 Secrets of People with Positive Self Image