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They consistently determine the events of the drama, making those events to appear to be fate, rather than coincidence. William Shakespeare, The Tempest. There are two obvious areas of reference here, both of which are defined by the supernatural framework of the play.

In the play Macbeth, magic and supernatural ability takes on a much more sinister approach.

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In each of these plays, magic and supernatural occurrences not only play a large role in the plot, but also help to communicate various messages and literary value. When compared to the love exhibited by the other Shakespearean couples such as Romeo and Juliet, or Antony and Cleopatra, they emerge faded or simplified. During the Elizabethan era people blamed unexplainable events such as the Bubonic Plague, unexplained deaths or unpleasant illnesses - as the work of witches. The play even opens with the three witches discussing evil deeds. During the play, we see how havoc is wreaked by the appearance of ghosts. Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell: I. What techniques did Shakespeare use to create drama? Satisfaction in the revenge plot is also frustrated at the end of the play. The exchange indicates the way in which experience on the island is becoming harder to tangibly contain and define. The essential artificiality of these ideals is demonstrated by his general impatience with the other characters. He has the same type of control over nature but does not exercise it for evil or wanton ends, and hence his magic can be labeled 'white' rather than 'black'.

He asks the audience for forgiveness for his practice and manipulation of supernatural forces to serve his own purposes, whether good or evil. The game of chess at the end is a felicitous symbol of Prospero's attitude towards his victims, as he moves them around the island like chessmen.

This dominating behavior grates in connection with the innocent creatures, Caliban and Ariel. During the play, we see how havoc is wreaked by the appearance of ghosts. He trusts them completely, but his hunger for power and the temptation of his future wealth and stature leads him to act out of greed.

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The event should be seen in the light of Shakespeare questioning the validity and importance of ambition through the dramatic medium of necromancy, as it distorts the face of reality and manipulates events outside of chance.

His final renunciation of magic suggests that his worship was also misguided and unwise.

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Back to the dramatic situation, the tunes of Ariel perplex the two fools despite their denials. His ideas are not contained within the supernatural framework to the situation in hand. Prospero, having learned and practiced magical arts, is a powerful man in the play, nearly god-like. His mood of dissatisfaction with temporality and impermanence and his general uncertainty concerning the status of human life is in keeping with the speculative material. It provides a catalyst for action, an insight into character, and an augmentation of the impact of many key scenes. The other obvious subject which indicates some measures of identification and orientation of values is the love between Ferdinand and Miranda. He exhibits tyranny from the point of view of master and victim. What techniques did Shakespeare use to create drama?
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Shakespeare, Witchcraft and the Supernatural