Should more people vote

After all, you never know when injury or illness might strike. Every vote counts. The list of betrayals from of government goes on and on and we swallow it like a gulp of coca cola because we suffer from cognitive dissonance.

Maybe it's not just the politicians who suck but the people too for supporting or not trying to change such corruption.

Prove it. Voting is a minor inconvenience compared to the full-on oppression of tyranny.

everyone should vote

It takes time for progress to happen, for enough people to see a certain vision and get on board with it. Minorities, who vote at lower rates than whites, have historically been the target of voter suppression laws. Some, predominantly blue, have expanded early voting, or made registration simpler or even automaticin a bid to make voting as painless as possible.

Voting quotes

It's the right thing to do. Be kind to your future self. But we need to use this Vote to have a strong and stable democracy. While the cheeseburger camp will tell you how fried chicken people will ruin the world. Bad people are elected by the good people who did not vote. Elected officials make all the big decisions, and they listen to the people who vote. For now, at least, it seems likely that expanding easy access to voting would benefit Democrats.

Bad people are elected by the good people who did not vote. Power begets power. Image Early voting in California.

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Benefits of Voting