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This is a basic function of SIA, but this is not a core competency. One is that marketing should be treated as an investment, and not as an expense. By all of this it makes Singapore Airline become one of the most successful airline that ever exist before. Somewhere behind the scenes there will also be a group of managers who make sure that the airline and its many operations run smoothly. SIA needs proactively study social environment as it may present future opportunities. Technological Technological advancements could be a double-edge sword. Academy of Management Review. They compete on pretty much the same routes, especially on international, long-distance, or long-haul travel.

As related to Singapore Airline, they provide the information for employees to maintain line of communication so that, even they work for just one department, they can also know what is others do.

When employees feel that their jobs are significant for the organizations, it leads to job satisfaction, reduce turnover and increase productivity.

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Leadership management, organizational culture and learning organization must be stand together and cannot miss each other, in order to create successful of the organization.

Organizational Culture In generating culture is required the group of people that absorb certain knowledge over the period of time of survival and solve problems in the external environment.

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The external leadership of self-managing work teams. They also empower employees and let them make decision in their jobs without waiting the upper management permission. Infrastructure like good ground services in Changi airport, affluent cash flow are valuable and important for SIA, but they are can be easily achieved by its competitors.

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Organizational culture is the important variable that drive organization to success or failures Barney, Obvious examples are Earl Grey tea which connoisseurs recognise for its distinctive name, flavour and taste, Rolls-Royce for its pedigree of no-expense-spared luxury and Parker pens for their stylishness coupled with functionality.

Therefore, when the airline industry is embracing the market liberalization, each player in the industry should be clearly aware of the governmental force or policy makers due to their continuous lasting influence on this industry.

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This will increase enjoyment in their jobs and make them feel valuable and meaningful to the organization Herzberg, And I believe that their ratio, when I last looked at the data, was roughly 34 compliments to 1 complaint per 10, passengers, which is an amazing ratio. Within the organization, leader empowers employees can create job satisfaction follow by these three elements Weiss, : Firstly, clear objectives and expectations by leader must clearly describe as to meet the expected outcomes and frequently communicate with employees to make them clearly understand their duties. An organogram is a chart that shows how an organization is made up and how its systems fit together. Schein, E. Organizational learning is fulfilling to knowledge management. They keep very, very careful tabs on the number of compliments that they get, versus the number of complaints that they get. And this strategy, while it seems to make sense, seems to be one that would be threatened by such a bad economy globally. Modern organizations like the Singapore Airlines Group need a structure that enables people to work and deal with one another in a coordinated and co-operative way as they work 9 towards the goals of the business.

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Singapore Airlines case study