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The diligence and effectiveness of the government in the protection of intellectual property rights—both domestically through the U. Regulatory agencies generally have greater technical expertise, available resources, and familiarity to address most risks associated with science and technology, and in that respect are the superior institution to make most risk regulatory decisions.

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Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. In summary, the government has the scale and stability of revenues to support the development of a wide variety of complementary assets, assets that allow private companies to adopt longer time horizons for their investment decisions, and without which many important industries would not have developed to their current degree.

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The judicial system uses presumptions, burdens of proof, and standards of proof in reaching decisions under conditions of uncertainty. There are also other legal instruments for promoting innovation and advancing technology.

In various countries, areas of the computing and communication industries are regulated — often strictly — by governmental bodies.

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Burk, Dan L. Given this difference, otherwise relevant evidence is inadmissible in law if its use or the way it was obtained is unfair, whereas the concept of excluding pertinent data is foreign to science Loevinger , Foster and Huber Government procurement and regulatory policies have clearly provided initial and sometimes large markets for a host of products that we think of as "commercial" today. Technology-forcing regulations, such as motor vehicle emission standards, prompt technological progress in specific industries. On the one hand, increased antitrust concerns and scrutiny may be warranted because of the potential for network effects to result in path dependency. Very recently, Netherlands became the first country in Europe and the second in the world, after Chile to pass law relating to it. The result of these regulations can be to create a reliable "playing field" for competition, thereby improving the long-term health and capability of these industries, and to increase competitiveness in foreign markets. Providing incentives to minimize wastes in industrial processes not only may improve the environment but also may reduce production costs significantly. Some legal experts argue that the law should apply a more lenient standard, specially in civil litigation where the standard of proof is the preponderance of the evidence i. In more recent years, governments have been the principal investors in roads, dams, waterway maintenance, hospitals, schools, public health, outdoor recreation, space, and defense systems. King; Steven Goldberg; et al. Given these and other contrasts, it is not surprising that tensions such as the following have developed. This has led to a proliferation in the study of law, science and technology interactions, including academic centers, textbooks Sutton , Areen et al.

Government procurement and regulatory policies have clearly provided initial and sometimes large markets for a host of products that we think of as "commercial" today. For example, some argue that the blocking of " blogspot " and other websites in India failed to reconcile the conflicting interests of speech and expression on the one hand and legitimate government concerns on the other hand.

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Internet law[ edit ] The examples and perspective in this section deal primarily with the United States and do not represent a worldwide view of the subject.

When a defendant is charged with a crime, or a product manufacturer is sued for allegedly harming a citizen, the court must reach a final decision promptly without waiting for additional research to further clarify the issues.

A classic example of the rapid acceleration of technology is Moore's lawwhich predicts that the number of transistors on microchips will double every two years.

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