Thanksgiving creative writing activities

Describe the perfect Thanksgiving meal.

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Write an extended definition of "gratitude. How do people show their thankfulness to me?

The best part of fall is… How many people are around your table on Thanksgiving? If I could go back in time to the first Thanksgiving, I would bring… Who carves the turkey in your family? Prompts Thanksgiving At the time of this post, we're still waiting on Halloween to come, but it's hard to avoid having Thanksgiving on the mind.

Explain Thanksgiving to a person from another country who has never heard of it. You are visiting four thanksgivings in one weekend a la "Four Christmases". Instead of simply making a list of things to give thanks for, ask them to think of things they are grateful for at specific times of the year. Finally, collect their thoughts and the photographs into one big, collaborative classbook to preserve the memories you made together. No turkey. Does your family have any Christmas preparations on Thanksgiving picking secret Santa names , etc.? E-mail it to ideas theholidayzone. Try some of these with your students: Pretend you are a very smart and special turkey. In July, are they thankful for a friend who lets them cool off in their backyard pool? Do you think this is a good idea or a bad one? The family? The whole family is together and all the typical weird things that happen are in full-force this year.

Things I can do to show my gratitude for the earth What kind of cranberries are best, jellied or berries? What is your favorite part of this holiday?

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Thanksgiving Writing Prompts and Activities