The causes of electoral violence politics essay

That's why these incidents [violence and irregularities] have been happening.

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Social Injustice: 5 1. Recommendations 1.

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Collier, Paul. Support political party development, citizen education and media training.

How to prevent political violence

The local police are also the part of these committees. Sisk, Timothy D. It is imperative to establish EC's full authority over the entire election administration, including the security forces. Do not forget the victims of violence How violence is perceived — whether it is politically motivated or not — varies, depending on where you sit and how you are affected. Electoral laws can set out the legal constraints on the use of violence, the mandate and powers of the election management bodies as well as regulations on who may stand in elections. On the voting day of the first phase of the UP elections held on March 22, violence left 11 people dead and around a thousand others wounded; while during the campaign period, 10 others died and more than 2, were wounded Prothom Alo, March 23, Besides, the EC asked the police authorities to suspend the cops for failing to discharge their duties. Achieving this objective is neither easy nor cheap, but it is the most effective tool to prevent electoral violence from materialising in the first place. The actors involved in managing and preventing electoral violence include 1 local and international monitoring and observer missions; and 2 national, regional and local dispute resolution and mediation missions.

However, the lack of sufficient coordination remains a challenge in many situations of electoral violence. Practitioners and policy-makers of electoral violence management should: Engage in close collaboration with local actors in order to uncover networks of violence makers and to identify peace-promoting elements.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, There are several positive examples where electoral monitoring has been coordinated among international, domestic agencies and hundreds of civil society organizations to successfully monitor an election.

The causes of electoral violence politics essay

Evidence from many countries of the world shows that true credibility works as an antidote to electoral violence. In transitional and war-torn countries, incumbents are often manipulating or believed to be tampering with the electoral processes. Efforts by local and international actors include electoral assistance, peacekeeping and monitoring missions, civic and voter education Abbink and Hesseling , Sisk , Kumar Besides, the EC asked the police authorities to suspend the cops for failing to discharge their duties. For instance, the deployment of security forces may be necessary in an election, resulting in reinforcements arriving in areas in which they have no prior knowledge about the local context. Develop a diversified strategy to accommodate different target groups to prevent severe individual as well as political consequences of electoral violence. Collier, Paul. This constrains the right to freedom of information and is a hindrance to a free political choice.

Support to strengthen institutional capacity to promote democratic norms and to ensure democratic rule of law is now seen as crucial for peacebuilding.

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