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She even does not seem to care whether the werewolf has eaten her grandmother or not but is eager to consummate her sexual desire and relationship with the werewolf. This girl is unknown to the touch of a man; she is seen as the virgin.

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By Carter trying to make the story into a female dominated story, where the girl survives, she is reinforcing the stereotype of men and women. Let us look at a typical piece of Carter' s writing The Magic Toyshop and its specific focus on critiquing the oppressive power of patriarchy that is represented through the oppressive character of Un Otherness becomes acceptable to the father if it is conformist and obedient, as a robot.

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The narrator depicts werewolves as creatures that are cunning, ferocious, and most dangerous "for he cannot listen to reason" unlike witches, goblins, and ogres Carter, 3. The Ego and the Id. The wolf is the opposite. They had no place else in society and any female caught doing otherwise was looked down on by society. New York: Vintage Books. Similarly, through the darker version of "Little Red Riding Hood," Angela Carter overturns the conventional idea that associates women as victims or prey. However, when the girl chooses to release her sexuality, she reverses all these contrasting images. This girl is unknown to the touch of a man; she is seen as the virgin.

First we will consider the oppressive and destructive power of patriarchy which is the social system in which men are regarded as the authority within the family and society. Related Papers. Corruption consumes her innocent nature once and for all, for she will never be able to return back to her innocence.

Carter breaks through the traditional stereotypical gender associations that society places on women and men, usually emphasised in traditional fairy tales.

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The first example of a victim is a woman who was making macaroni when she was bitten by the wolf. This is first started by the protagonist's taking of a "forbidden key" One person who knows this all too well is activist and author, Angela Davis

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"The Company of Wolves" Comprehension.