The morality on united states government in the decision to use cruise missiles on serbia

kosovo 2006

Clinton warned Slobodan Milosevic, the Yugoslav president, that if he did not cease the repression in Kosovo, NATO would ''seriously damage'' Serbia's capacity to make war. Milosevic's forces.

Why did the united states become involved in the kosovo crisis

But officials in Washington said that NATO is not yet sending low-flying combat ground-attack planes or helicopters to hit Serbian troops in Kosovo. Although pictures of the fiery wreckage were shown on Serbian and American television for hours tonight, Administration officials did not confirm the loss of the aircraft until the pilot was safely out of Serbian air space. To find examples illustrating III is all too easy, at least if we keep to official rhetoric. Clinton said. Critics who until now accused the Administration of equivocating in facing Milosevic's assault fear that Albania and Macedonia could be drawn into a larger war or even break up if the Serbs are not prevented from an "ethnic cleansing" of the Albanian majority in Kosovo. Until now, air strikes had chiefly targeted air defenses and military infrastructure, not Yugoslav troops and armor that could be used to kill ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. But he is surely correct in implying that what happened at once was highly likely. Just what that meant we cannot know, since the two warrior states preferred to reject the diplomatic path in favor of violence. For years, Turkish repression of Kurds has been a major scandal. Authorities in Belgrade claimed that Serbian air defenses had shot down the radar-evading stealth aircraft, one of the most advanced weapons in the American arsenal. Recognition that the U. With the sides more or less balanced, and exhausted, the U.

Are we to understand that to be the rational and moral response? The proposed peace plan would include the deployment of thousands of NATO peacekeeping troops in Kosovo.

The morality on united states government in the decision to use cruise missiles on serbia

The area includes all of Kosovo and a substantial portion of Serbia south of Belgrade. NATO officials have given only sketchy accounts of damage from the air raids because they say it will take time to analyze photographs taken after the attacks.

The numbers suggest either remarkably poor quality control or a rational policy of murdering civilians by delayed action.

kosovo post war

In the current issue of the leading establishment journal, Foreign Affairs, Samuel Huntington warns that Washington is treading a dangerous course. Perhaps the least ugly that remains is an eventual partition of Kosovo, with Serbia taking the northern areas that are rich in resources and have the main historical monuments, and the southern sector becoming a NATO protectorate where some Albanians can live in misery.

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Crisis in the Balkans