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With the workshop complete, the team should focus on developing a mission statement.

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We suspect that Eric gave in to deadline pressure and a fear that executive team members would not stand for any touchy-feely stuff. He must be kept on the team because he has valuable information and insight, and also because he can do more damage to the team if he is not on it. Because fusion creates pain from feeling emotionally dependent on others , it leaves people anxious about what others are thinking, saying, and meaning by their words, looks, and even their silences. No exceptions! They have to get things accomplished. By the time Carl Simmons of distribution started to speak, the mood in the room was approaching buoyant. By being sarcastic, Randy may be offering a comment, but he is not taking a stance. The first is wasteful.

But Eric must also tell Randy that if he is to be a member of the team, he must now play a full role. Brilliant ideas come from brilliant individuals, who then inspire others in the organization to implement them.

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No one in the group was laughing now, though, least of all Eric. Talent is knowingly withheld from teams.

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Communicate to team members and assure understanding. At one point, her voice almost broke as she described how hard she had worked in her first ten years at FireArt, hoping that someone in management would recognize the creativity of her designs. This is necessary to provide the group with a common purpose, and it should help reduce individual lobbying efforts. Because fusion creates pain from feeling emotionally dependent on others , it leaves people anxious about what others are thinking, saying, and meaning by their words, looks, and even their silences. By and large, these are men and women whose individually focused competitiveness and ability to advance the interests of their own departments have gotten them where they are. The group is in danger. I want this company to succeed as much as you do, but I believe, and I believe passionately, that groups are useless. He stared at the table, a blank expression on his face. What are the key strategic processes that cut across all departments? To accomplish this, Eric might consider holding an on-site workshop run by Eric or by an outsider with expertise that features discussions about the theory behind team management, a review of current literature on the subject, and simulations of various team situations. Soon the others made excuses to leave, too, and the room became empty. What are your thoughts on this matter? As the director of strategy at FireArt, Inc. Ironically, both those fears had proved groundless, but another, more difficult problem had arisen.

He clings to the myth that because he is the brightest he is the most effective, and he must have this affirmed continuously by his colleagues.

Eric must act fast, not only because the necessary turnaround of the business cannot wait but also because there is another wild card: Randy might quit.

What caused this level of trust to be present?

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He is an opportunist and an entrepreneur, has little allegiance to FireArt, and enjoys a legendary reputation in the industry, where he has many connections. The wild card had turned out to be Randy. Jack may think Randy is terrific, but he hired Eric to turn the company around. The first order of business would have been for Eric to assure himself that Randy indeed felt unable to work on a team—and that his self-perception was grounded in reality. This guideline is totally insufficient, especially because the members of the team are unaccustomed to working together and probably uncomfortable with conceptual discussions. Forget camaraderie. That remark sent Carl back quickly to his seat, where he halfheartedly summed up his comments. Finally, most of the real work in such a group is done by individuals as individuals, not by individuals relying on one another to accomplish joint tasks. Beyond what you have already discussed. But as he stood on the balcony of his new apartment in the small Indiana city that was now his home, Eric suddenly felt a pang of nostalgia for the way the dawn plays off the skyscrapers of Manhattan. What he missed was the feeling of accomplishment that usually accompanied those sunrises. Such matters should always be considered first, before attributing team problems to the attitudes or skills of individual members. The first is wasteful. Every organization has some members who make their best contributions as solo performers. What caused this level of trust to be present?

No exceptions! Do you think that the authority is clearly given?

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If so, it should be evident that the multiple, diverse skills of the members will make a material difference in the results of their efforts. While not disagreeing with him—she praised his comments, in fact—she argued that FireArt also needed to invest in new artists, pitching its competitive advantage in better design and wider variety. Eric had met Randy once before the team started its work and had found him to be enormously intelligent, energetic, and good-humored. Right now, however, an enormous amount of work energy is being lost to reading between the lines, overreacting to perceived slights, pursuing reassurance, and competing instead of cooperating. I cannot discern your position based on the comment or gesture you just made. Eric should then explain that each member is responsible for taking a position on all matters, sharing and either defending it or modifying it in discussions or debates. Ironically, fusion leads to distance—either overt, as in walking away, or covert, as in withdrawing from a discussion. Two, go ahead and put them on teams, install strong leaders to keep things under control, and hope for the best. Ed Musselwhite is the president and chief executive officer of Zenger-Miller, Inc. In this role, Randy could use his abilities to develop new sales and marketing strategies and, in general, brainstorm new ideas. Jon R. It was when Carl began to describe those results in detail that Randy brought the meeting to an unpleasant halt by letting out a loud groan. Forget camaraderie. There were no metrics given as to determine progress against goals or mission attainment.
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