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In these pursuits, therefore, the first speculators lie under great disadvantages, and, even when they fail, are entitled to praise. We can as easily conceive a good man and an unnatural father, or a good man and a treacherous friend. Soon, however, plenty teaches discretion; and, after wine has been for a few months their daily fare, they become more temperate than they had ever been in their own Edition: current; Page: [41] country. But the war of Pisa was too much for him. As soon as he attracts notice to his personal feelings, the illusion is broken. The account which Cardinal Bentivoglio gave of the state of religion in England well deserves consideration. Of all the sovereigns who exercised a power which was seemingly absolute, but which in fact depended for support on the love and confidence of their subjects, she was by far the most illustrious. He was born when the great religious schism was just commencing. The feeling of patriotism was, in many parts of Europe, almost wholly extinguished. We use the word; but we have no image of the thing; and the business of poetry is with images, and not with words. The Spanish empire was still, in outward appearance, great and magnificent. He was not entitled to set up his antiquated claims against his own recent release.

Even when a system has been formed, there is still something to add, to alter, or to reject. The question, then, is this; Had Charles the First broken the fundamental laws of England? A younger sister of the King had been the first wife of Leopold, Emperor of Germany.

It is when Milton escapes from the shackles of the dialogue, when he is discharged from the labour of uniting two incongruous styles, when he is at liberty to indulge his choral raptures without reserve, that he rises even above himself.

It is absurd to suppose that, if the nation had been decidedly attached to the Protestant faith, Mary could have re-established the Papal supremacy.

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We had intended also to say something concerning the literature of that splendid period, and especially concerning those two incomparable men, the Prince of Poets, and the Prince of Philosophers, who have made the Elizabethan age a more glorious and important era in the history of the human mind than the age of Pericles, of Augustus, or of Leo.

Both in the one case and in the other the nation ranged itself on the side of the government, and the insurgents were speedily put down and punished. Milton was, like Dante, a statesman and a lover; and, like Dante, he had been unfortunate in ambition and in love.

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Persons whose writings were displeasing to the court were cruelly mutilated, like Stubbs, or put to death, like Penry. The strength of his imagination triumphed over every obstacle. We are not Edition: current; Page: [36] aware that he has in any instance forgotten the duties belonging to his literary functions in the feelings of a kinsman. But the people had a security against gross and systematic misgovernment, far stronger than all the parchment that was ever marked with the sign manual, and than all the wax that was ever pressed by the great seal. That of Dante is picturesque indeed beyond any that ever was written. It exactly measures the time during which the House of Austria held decided superiority and aspired to universal dominion. The Edition: current; Page: [47] times of refreshing came to all neighbouring countries. His notes abound with interesting quotations, and have the rare merit of really elucidating the text.

The Edition: current; Page: [47] times of refreshing came to all neighbouring countries.

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