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However, the major reason was the elimination of what white Americans and the US officials perceived to be the Indian threat. Another consequence was the loss of large amount of Indian tribal lands.

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Almost every battle that has taken place has been documented. Different Creation Views Among Native Americans and Europeans Essay examples - The Native Americans and Europeans had many influences that affected their outlook when they first encountered one another.

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Never able to settle down nor were they able to make peace with the Europeans as they took their land and killed off their tribes. Unfortunately, certain populations do not have to visualize the disparity that is pictured above. Clearly it is seen that even through time, historians are still this way. Europeans introduced the natives to wheat, sugar, rice, farm animals, guns, smallpox, measles, influenza and many other harmful diseases. As federal programs increase and decrease so does the blood volume required to obtain these benefits. They were some of the first people to ever come to America. These influences have different stories and views that pertain to the origin of life and how the earth was created. By a number of technological, political, and economic developments had stimulated Europe's interest in, and prepared it to explore and colonize, the lands "newly discovered" by Columbus in These have changed over the years, but before the reconstruction of the Native Americans the people were identifiable and knew who they were. These diseases, which the Native Americans had never come in contact with and therefore had no immunity too, wiped out thousands of people at a time and sometimes entire tribes. This period was called the Chickamauga Wars which was a guerrilla-style war. During Trade they also brought diseases which would eradicate entire tribes from the country However, in some cultures dolls have been handed down to children to serve as tools of education and teach them about their heritage in a more entertaining and creative way. End of Essay 1.

The demands of federal programs determine the blood volume required to be Native. These influences have different stories and views that pertain to the origin of life and how the earth was created.

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