Triad gangs

An estimatedtriad members lived in Hong Kong during the s. Most Chinese secret societies, including the triads and some of the remaining Ching Gang, relocated to British-controlled Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and overseas countries particularly the US and competed with the Tong and other Chinese secret societies.

Protesters returning from a pro-democracy march in the city center, as well as journalists and bystanders, were battered with sticks, umbrellas and what appeared to be metal rods.

Related Topics. The group was said to have infiltrated the transport sector, using intimidation and violence against Chinese companies wishing to transport goods by road into Europe. Of course not. Later, in the s, the height of triad activity in Hong Kong, police suspected up to one in six people were members of roughly 60 different triad gangs.

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Initiates are warned they will be killed "killed by five thunderbolts" if they fail in their duties. The White Paper Fan provides financial and business adviceand the Straw Sandal is a liaison between units.

Triads have begun smuggling chemicals from Chinese factories to North America for the production of methamphetamineand to Europe for the production of Ecstasy. Secret societies were banned by the British government in Singapore during the s, and slowly reduced in number by successive colonial governors and leaders.

S and all groups and factions have now joined and aligned themselves as one large group. Chang An-lo, a former leader of the Bamboo Union triad who spent 10 years in prison in the United States for drug trafficking, leads a pro-China party in Taiwan whose members have attacked people critical of the Beijing government.

Triads were charged and imprisoned under British law.

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Hong Kong protests: Were triads involved in the attacks?