Ubc creative writing degree requirements

If you are eligible to apply, you will submit a portfolio-based application to the program, through an online form. You will graduate with a grounding in the professional standards and expectations for your chosen genres — screen, stage, fiction, comics, and more — equipping you to work in those fields.

There is only one application cycle per year. For both groups, you can apply these courses to a Minor in Creative Writing. As the Major is highly competitive and the number of places is strictly limited, students must ensure they submit their full application by the deadline indicated on the Creative Writing website.

We recommend that you seek advice on Creative Writing options as early as you can, ideally prior to active registration periods. To earn this degree, you must complete 36 credits in level CRWR workshop courses, across at least four genres, plus completing the other elective courses and credits needed to meet your specific UBC degree requirements.

minor in creative writing

The program cannot make exceptions for students who fail to follow the guidelines, and all applications are covered by the terms set out in those guidelines.

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