Worlds injustice to women

Nothing is guaranteed. We were charting a gap between what men thought it meant to be a man, and the lives they were actually living. In terms of equal access to jobs, in a review of countries, in more than a third, women are prohibited from working in the same industries as men.

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Another channel for action in involves the media. However, these steps are still somehow fragmented and often not followed fully by those made at the domestic level, where the implementation of international standards is rarely a priority and the prevention and reparations for these crimes not prioritized.

Different forms of gender-based violence include: physical violence, sexual violence, psychological or emotional violence, economic violence. Visibility amplifies voice. It was assigned to them by their society and other options were closed off.

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Gender pay gap as a form of sex based discrimination, and female genital mutilation as form of gender based violence are two forms of discrimination against women which affects deeply, although evidently in different ways, the lives of women and girls.

By this logic, does it mean you can only have sex with people you hate or have contempt for?

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I was studying journalism in the best university of Ukraine where during 5 years of my studies feminism was never mentioned.

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9 inspiring stories from women fighting injustice around the world