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Long introductions put readers off. Never use percentages for very small samples e. Use mean and standard deviation to report normally distributed data. They are typically relied upon by students beginning a study in a given field, or for current awareness of those already in the field. In this section, we will use italics only, but they should be considered interchangeable with underlined text. Titles of many nonfiction books include a subtitle following a colon, and except in informal usage, the full title should be used on first reference; the title alone — the part preceding the colon — can be used thereafter. Be specific, not too technical, and concise. If your results were unexpected, try to explain why Is there another way to interpret your results? We all know that you are keen to present your new data. Just check the 'Guide for authors' of the journal, but normally they have less than words. The title is nonsense. You need to introduce the main scientific publications on which your work is based, citing a couple of original and important works, including recent review articles.

In this way, do not attempt to "hide" data in the hope of saving it for a later paper. In each academic disciplinethere are dominant journals that receive the largest number of submissions, and therefore can be selective in choosing their content.

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But do not forget that you need to give the whole picture at first. Titles of plays and of poems long enough to be published in book form are italicized; titles of poems short enough to be included in a collection in a book are formatted, like chapter titles, in quotation marks. Long introductions put readers off. Think about "how will I search for this piece of information" when you design the title. Never ignore work in disagreement with yours, in turn, you must confront it and convince the reader that you are correct or better. Some journals are published in series, each covering a complete subject field year, or covering specific fields through several years. The most read and most cited articles often have short and simple titles. For a basic example, consider a fictional manuscript entitled "Effect of Metal Catalyst on the Outcome of Reactions with Aryl Alcohols". Reviews of scholarly books are checks upon the research books published by scholars; unlike articles, book reviews tend to be solicited. Probably, the most important thing is to thank your funding agency or the agency giving you a grant or fellowship. These typographical devices mean the same thing; therefore, it would be unusual to use both within the same text and it would certainly be unwise to italicize an underlined word.

But do not forget that you need to give the whole picture at first. The question mark is not italicize here. I love Dr.

Discuss weaknesses and discrepancies. In an abstract, the two whats are essential.

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Statistical rules Indicate the statistical tests used with all relevant parameters: e. In the text, you must cite all the scientific publications on which your work is based.

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