Writing a pitch brief

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Review with full team: client services, strategic planning and senior management. Ok Turn off cookies Read more. It gives you an opportunity to share something relevant or even plug your own content. The next part is sending attention-grabbing PR emails, like the ones shared below. That was a bit longer than I was planning, but hopefully it shows the importance of a good brief and getting your agency relationship off to a good start. Generic, catch-all email addresses are usually inundated with pitches. An elevator pitch is a concise and carefully planned description of your company or idea that can be quickly and easily understood. Not Ronald McDonald.

That can be as simple as the history and heritage of the business, the background of the founders or senior team, or your short-term ambitions for growth. You need to follow this next uber-important rule, too.

I mean to the point of absolute, life-consuming obsession. Yes, agencies love to be creative.

Writing a pitch brief

Point out something related to their recent article. What if you have any specific content formats to share? Add some personalized comments to make the email sound more authentic. Makes them feel good that their advice generated results. Or your sales admin always good for the professional pride, that one. Here you want to identify the single most persuasive statement, or compelling visual, you can present to achieve the objective. Net profit? Tie it to the article in question if you can. What is the problem exactly? Save hundreds of dollars long-term with convenient, bulk refill companion products.

Tier Everyone else. The latter requires a different approach altogether. This brief assumes you understand how to capture consumer insights, how to create a brand and how to position a company, product or service in the marketplace.

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Pick a respectable source and make sure that the shared content has a relevant, interesting take. List the marketing channels you want to focus on social media, search engine marketing, display advertising, podcasts, etc.

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How To Write An Agency Brief Document For Marketing